Aerosol Chemistry, 7.5 ECTS

First level


Study pace 100%
Study time Daytime
Study form Normal
Language English / Swedish
Course code MI4005


Special eligibility requirements
To be eligible you must have Aerosolphysics (MI4004) or its equivalent.


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Environmental Science

Climate changes, environmental pollutants, ozone depletion, poor air and water quality, changes in landscape, waste disposal, depletion of natural resources, loss of ecosystem services, resilience and biological diversity, etc. The list of environmental problems is long as we humans use the resources nature has to offer without knowing or paying attention to the consequences. Environmental Science is a multi-disciplinary subject which applies knowledge from both the natural and social sciences to identify, understand, prevent, and deal with environmental problems caused by human activities. The Bachelor and Master Programs in Environmental Science offer an education in a natural science with environmental relevance and a background to the societal aspects of environmental problems. The programs apply a systems approach to the study of environmental problems and to man’s relationship to his environment. More information can be found at the ITM homepage

Environmental Science

Course events

Autumn 2017

Study pace 100 %
Study time Daytime
Study form Normal
Language English, Swedish.

Selection: Higher Education Credits (up to 225).

Start period: Period 1 - starts during the first half of the semester

Location: Stockholm

Additional information: Application deadline 18 April.

Tuition fee

Tuition fees only concern citizens outside the EU, EES and Switzerland
First instalment: 17500 SEK
Total course/programme fee: 17500 SEK

Tuition fees only concern citizens outside the EU, EES and Switzerland
Appl.code: SU-70350