Number Theory, 7.5 ECTS

Second level


Study pace 25%
Study time Daytime
Study form Normal
Language English
Special eligibility requirements
Admission to the course requires knowledge equivalent to 90 credits in mathematics, where Analytic Functions, 7.5 credits, and Algebra III, 7.5 credits, or equivalent, are included. English B/English 6 or equivalent.


The course covers the basics of number theory, the quadratic reciprocity theorem, unique prime factorization of ideals in rings of algebraic integers, finiteness of the class number, Dirichlet’s theorem of primes in arithmetic progressions.

Area of interests: Information only in Swedish

Information only in Swedish



As a mathematical theory always implies that certain conclusions hold under certain given conditions, it can in principle say nothing about the physical reality. None the less mathematics has become an indispensable tool for a large number of subjects like astronomy, physics, chemistry, statistics and the technical sciences and in later times also for economy, biology, various social sciences and computor science. The role of mathematics in the applied sciences is both to supply notions for exact and adequate formulations of empirical laws but also from these laws to derive consequences, which can be used to find better models of the reality one has to describe. These tasks have lately become more important. Mathematics is in continual progress by intensive international research, new theories are created and already existing theories are simplified and augmented.


Course events

Spring 2018

Study pace 25 %
Study time Daytime
Study form Normal
Language English.

Selection: No selection.

Start period: Period 1 - starts during the first half of the semester

Location: Stockholm

Additional information: Application deadline 16 October.

Tuition fee

Tuition fees only concern citizens outside the EU, EES and Switzerland
First instalment: 17500 SEK
Total course/programme fee: 17500 SEK

Tuition fees only concern citizens outside the EU, EES and Switzerland
Appl.code: SU-48033